Experiential exercise details

Management Mahjong Teamwork Exercise

The 4-hours Management MahjongTM session focuses on encouraging participants to inspire a shared vision through team building on the basis of trust, teamwork and effective communication, as well as devise strategies to deal with uncertainty and failure. In this exercise, participants will learn to identify obstacles to teamwork and communication which are likely to hinder innovation. In the post-exercise discussion, we will highlight these obstacles and identify potential solutions.


Note: The Management MahjongTM Game uses mahjong tiles as props, but do not require knowledge of mahjong by the participants.

Startup pitching exercise

In this exercise, participants will have the opportunity to view and evaluate real startup pitches.  Participants will view 5-10 investment pitches by startups who are raising money, either in-person pitches or video pitches.  The participants will be formed into teams, with each team playing the role of a venture capital fund.  If the pitches are live, the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the startups during a Q&A period.


After viewing the pitches, each VC fund team will evaluate all the pitching companies and will select their top three investment choices, rank-ordered, using an investment valuation framework they have developed based on their learning in the workshop.


Each team will then present their investment choices and answer questions from the other teams and the facilitators explaining and defending their choices.  All groups will have to agree on the final three investment choices to be made.

VC-startup negotiation exercise

Start-up companies face many challenges in negotiating with venture capitalists for investment. Unfortunately, many start-ups do not understand the key elements of this negotiation process: company valuation, investment required, amount of equity offered and control of the company. The failure to understand these elements and the negotiation process can result in a sub-optimal result of the start-up and can even lead to an inability to raise funds. In this exercise, participants will learn how to conduct a successful negotiation with venture capitalists.

Start-up & VC Negotiation is designed to help participants learn the key elements and dynamics of fund-raising and how to devise effective negotiation strategies.

Start-up companies have to negotiate with VCs in order to get funding and VCs have to negotiate deals at favorable terms. Both parties have to derive what is important to the other party and devise negotiation strategies that result preferably in win-win solutions.