Expara acceleration services

Expara runs 90-day to 150-day structured accelerator program in Expara Headquarters in Singapore for up to 20 start-up companies.  The program and structure are based on a combination of our highly successful i-4x Bangkok accelerator program which we launched in 2014, CLAS Expara Vietnam Accelerator facilitated in 2015 and 2016 in Vietnam, SIHUB Accelerator in Vietnam and TCELS Accelerator in Bangkok in 2017 and our intensive incubation and mentoring programs for start-ups.


A unique feature of our accelerator program is that we will run two tracks side-by-side – a business model/business plan track and a go-to-market track so that companies who graduate from our accelerator will be both ready to raise funding and will have established reference customers and will be generating revenue.

Here is the typical structure of a 90-day acceleration program:

Expara invests in and accelerates potentially scalable start-up businesses – maximizing our upside potential by focusing on those with proprietary intellectual property and technologies, potentially large markets, strong management teams, a well-developed business model and sustainable competitive advantage. These factors give portfolio companies the potential to significantly scale their revenues and company value within a relatively short period of time.


We mitigate the risks inherent in investing in early stage companies by: careful selection, portfolio diversification, working closely with our portfolio companies, and employing financial leverage through public funding programs.

Here is an overview of our acceleration process: