VC fund investment advisory services

Sourcing and screening of fund managers advisory services

  • Management team – experience, expertise, complementary skills, reputation, red flags

  • Investment strategy – sourcing, stage, sector, exit strategy

  • Validation – track record of performance, other investors, co-investors

  • Fund structure – fees and terms

  • Overall fit – financial and strategic objectives 

Fund due diligence advisory services

  • Preliminary due diligence with simple valuation

  • Detailed due diligence with full valuation

  • Both will involve two phases:  research and report. 

  • Preliminary due diligence will result in a term sheet to be sent to investment targets (or a recommendation not to send a term sheet) and will include a simple valuation to be used in the term sheet. 

  • Detailed due diligence will result in an investment memo with a final recommendation on whether to invest or not and a full valuation, adjusted for due diligence findings. 

  • ll standard areas of due diligence will be covered in detailed due diligence, including: company, management, product, market, and financials We will also liaise with your legal team on detailed legal due diligence. 

Negotiations and closing

  • Advice and assistance with negotiations

  • Written review and commenting on proposed agreement revisions by investment targets

  • Knowledge transfer to in-house CVC and legal team

  • The mode of working will include face-to-face and VTC meetings as well as independent off-site document development and iteration via email.

  • Post-investment perfomance monitoring